From its inception, ITACO has always been committed to corporate and social responsibility. We strive to ensure that economic, environmental and social factors are considered and fully respected in all that we do. While we recognize that running a successful business brings benefits to all our constituents, including clients, associates and suppliers we believe it is our responsibility to do more for our society. Through continued innovation and participation in local communities, ITACO is able to contribute to the betterment of society.

We believe education and empowerment achieve more effective long-term results than cash without commitment. Thoughtful and meaningful commitment is inherent in the priority we place on building our society and the next generation of community leaders. Our philanthropic strategy includes: Promoting economic prosperity through education, asset-building, and job creation.

Our commitment achieves results, never allows us to rest on past achievements, and keeps us striving to create even more opportunity for the societies where we live and work.